Tsunami-less summer. I hope.

It was Thursday night and I had heard that Mean Jeans and Welcome Home Walker were playing at The Eagle Tavern, SF's favorite divey rock n' roll gay bar. I showed up in time to catch the last few Welcome Home Walker songs, those dudes were killing it!! Next up was SF's very own, Apache. Coming out strong and wild, there was little they could do to keep the attention of a crowd that had been washed into the mayhem that TV's from either side of the stage were offering.

It looked a little something like this...


I stuck around for the rest of the show and as I'm sure you can imagine the vibe was deadened quite a bit, so I headed home and I started looking around at all the carnage on this here interwebs. I found out that there was a possibility of some tsunami trauma for SF as well and like the adventurous dumb ass I am, I decided to wake up super early the next morning and ride down to the coast to check out the action.

Giant camera for heavy documentation.

Giant camera view.

Fancy skate stoppers.

Other than some streets being blocked off by police and my much needed coffee at 8AM on the San Francisco coast, not much else was going on. There were quite a few people gathered to take in the sites that may have happened, but more or less it was just another beautiful, sunny morning on the beach. I got bored quick and decided that I should hike down to sea level in a less crowded and unknown to myself spot on the beach to watch the waves crash in.

The trail in Ft. Mason that I took down to the beach was littered with little makeshift homes like this one, all had been abandoned. I could only guess at the reasons, but settled on the idea that lord bum was awoken by a golden god and told of the impending dangers that could arise in the early hours of the morning. With these actions in motion, they gathered their crew and flew off.

Lord bums golden dog, Reefer.


Beach front.


Golden Gate Bridge lays in the background beyond some wreckage of homes past.

At this point I noticed the waves start to get bigger and bigger, causing a little bit of panic. I started back to the hill that I had descended and realized that I had walked quite a ways from where I had started and wasn't sure if I had time to get back to my original trail. I decided that I could find my way back up by instinct, this led to many dead ends, running in motorcycle boots, a lot of sweating and me having to tell myself to calm down because when you start to panic you start to make dumb decisions.

A calming flower in the middle of a self induced mess.

I ran through a swamp...

I finally got back on a trail that let me know I could get outta danger quickly if I needed too. I then went back to the beach, sat there and talked to myself about how much of an idiot I am for coming to the beach to check out a tsunami. Stooooooops.

Back on top of the trail that took me down to the beach. When I said that I thought I could quickly get out of dangers way, I was wrong. Way wrong. There were so many stairs to climb that I literally wanted to take a nap in the middle of it. 3 hours of sleep the night before, no breakfast and hiking for 3 hours made me feel crazy.

Saw this sign on the way out that made me laugh.

My thoughts are with the people of Japan.

Some oldies I came across...

Roller coastin' June 2009.

Hellmouth Summer 2009.

My brothers, Mike and Tom, at my Grandparents lake house in Brown County, Indiana, early 90's.

Stoked I don't gotta be the one to empty this, holy piss.

Mr. Cohen tinkerin'.

Highway 1 North.


Seedy. I love the way film looks, even though these last 3 are from a shitty point and shoot camera I bought from Walgreen's nearly 10 years ago. There is a grit to them, a certain quality that I can't get from anything else...even my other film camera, mostly because everytime I take the film to get developed there is something wrong with it. Sometimes my fault, sometimes their fault. Lost 2 whole roles of film that I shot in the last week, bummed.


Went to see Dan Deacon play at the Independent. I had never listened to or even heard of him before, but was stoked!! The live performance was AMAZING!! He had the ability to get the entire crowd involved in a cult-like psychedelic dance party.

This is the show that I went to in it's entirety that somebody else filmed and I found.

Ryan Lay sighting!! This photo included Ryan completely by chance, I stuck my hand in the middle of this people made snake to sneak a shot and it just so happened that I ended up all in his grill. Too perfect. The last part he put out through I-Path just so happened to be edited to a Dan Deacon song, check it out below...


Zach Byrne, he's so hot right now.

Dog party on the top of Bernal Hill Park with the Struts.

Bro Gro!!

Mark Tester getting LOOSE!!!

This is the flyer I made for the show at Thee Parkside. Trying to learn my way around Photoshop, slowly but surely!!

The Downtown Struts!!

Fader faced... The last coupla weeks have been a blur. WHOA!

Cruz Skate Shop 3 year anniversary eating contest!!

Cruz Skate Shop's annual eating contest held at Thee Parkside. It was all based on a point system, most points win. Points were awarded for chili dawgs eaten and beers drank, limit 1 beer per dawg consumed. If you got up or puked you were out and you had to keep the goods down for at least an hour to take the title. First one out had to take a shot of juice from Gordon and Sandy's hot tub that had been the nightly shower zone for the 15 or so stanky skate fuckers that have been staying with them for the past week. Unfortunately for Lazer, he was the first to count himself out...he did the shot of tub juice with a smile too...Drink up and be somebody!!

Reed sporting a chili dawg eatin' grin and lazer still feeling the after effects of last nights bird bathing...hahaha.

Sandy with the reinforcements.


Sandy keepin' the tallies going.

Deep breaths...

And we have a winner. So long as he can keep it down...

Congratulations were in order, this dudes chili hole is gonna be hurtin' for the next week...ughhhh.

Glen took the title with a grand total of 13 points, 7 chili dawgs and 6 brew dawgs.

Final scores.

Next year I'm gonna convince them to have a vegan chili dawg option and see what damage I can do...