Burnt to lose: Settling up.

Epic green room in the Detriot Bar in Costa Mesa.





Third times a charm, Brad doin' it up in LA.


Where's your uniform?!

"Where's my hat?! That's not MY hat!!"


Great American Music Hall in SF, hospitality to no end.

Jookabox getting their sound check on.


"Do you take Sacajawea's?"


Foggy to clearest day ever in less than a minute...

Stay sick.

Every bar we went to in Portland was a ski lodge.

Seattle Rain.

Presents for the ladies.

Kristien and Bridget!!

My buddy Noel game me this rad King Diamond mannequin head for my Bday!!

Van party with the king!


Justin blowing Mark's mind with precious gifts...

Jookabox killing it!

Saturday night in Boise? One of the funnest nights on the entire trip!!

Dance Party!!


I believe that everyone would agree that this may have been the worst day of tour, everyone of us was sick, hungover as hell and we got caught in a winter nightmare...STRESSFULLLLLL DRIVE!!

Cars were off the road all over the place. At one point we hit a patch of ice/snow slush going about 75 MPH and somehow managed to pull it off...sliding all over the place.


Stuck in a blizzard at Donner Pass on Highway 80 near Tahoe...oh, good. When we first got to the entrance of the mountain pass we were told that we had to go back to the last town and buy tire chains or we wouldn't be allowed on the mountain. It took us about 45 minutes to get back to the town and intall the chains, all the while the storm was getting worse and worse. When we got back to the mountain pass entrance there we almost no cars on the road, talk about an unsettling feeling.

Our top speed for almost 3 hours was 30 MPH, which most of the time seemed like we were going too fast anyhow. Fuck snow.

Safely made it back into SF!! WHOOO!